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What model years are supported?

I have an aftermarket intake, which file should I use?

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What files are supplied after purchasing?

Where can I download ROM files?

Where can I download RomRaider definitions?

Why do I need to provide a link to my WOT log in Datazap to request a file?

FAQ - General

How long have these files taken to develop?

How much time can I save by using these files?

Why is it so much quicker using this method?

Are these tunes locked for editing?

Will these tunes lock my ECU?

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Openflash Tabletaka OFT. Roms must be uploaded to the tablet from a PC, then flashed from the tablet.
Tactrix Openport 2.0A USB dongle that allows flashing from a PC and logging to the device.

Which one should I buy?

Can I use OFT for the real time display, but flash with Tactrix?

Can I use the OFT real time display while logging with Tactrix?

Can I use a cheap USB/BT dongle for real time display while logging with Tactrix?

Tactrix - Howto



Further Info

Openflash Tablet - Howto

Never plug OFT in while car is ON.

Never leave OFT plugged in while the car is OFF.


Further info


What are the minimum parameters do I need to log for petrol and E85 tunes?

What are the minimum parameters do I need to log for FLEX FUEL tunes?

AFR Adjustment

What AFR (air:fuel ratio) should I be targeting?

MAF Scales

"Lean-2%"2% less fuel (+0.25 AFR) during open loop (wide open throttle) than "Default".Closest match to stock MAF Scale.
"Default"Best chance of being optimal on the largest number of cars.Closest match to OTS MAF Scales when using old injector ratios.
"Rich+2%"2% more fuel (-0.25 AFR) during open loop (wide open throttle) than "Default".Closest match to OTS MAF Scales when using new injector ratios.
"Rich+4%"2% more fuel (-0.25 AFR) during open loop (wide open throttle) than "Rich+2%".

Which MAF Scale variation should I try after 300 km / 200 mi on "Default"?

FuelDeviceTarget AFR @6500Logged AFR @6500Logged MAF ScaleAction to take
E85OFT12.1 - 12.311.9 - 12.1"Default"Flash "Lean-2%"
E85OFT12.1 - 12.312.1 - 12.3"Default"Do nothing
E85OFT12.1 - 12.312.4 - 12.6"Default"Flash "Rich+2%"
E85OFT12.1 - 12.312.6 - 12.8"Default"Flash "Rich+4%"
FuelDeviceTarget AFR @6500Logged AFR @6500Logged MAF ScaleAction to take
E85Tactrix11.9 - 12.111.7 - 11.9"Default"Flash "Lean-2%"
E85Tactrix11.9 - 12.111.9 - 12.1"Default"Do nothing
E85Tactrix11.9 - 12.112.2 - 12.4"Default"Flash "Rich+2%"
E85Tactrix11.9 - 12.112.4 - 12.6"Default"Flash "Rich+4%"
FuelDeviceTarget AFR @6500Logged AFR @6500Logged MAF ScaleAction to take
PetrolOFT11.7 - 11.911.4 - 11.6"Default"Flash "Lean-2%"
PetrolOFT11.7 - 11.911.7 - 11.9"Default"Do nothing
PetrolOFT11.7 - 11.912.0 - 12.2"Default"Flash "Rich+2%"
PetrolOFT11.7 - 11.912.2 - 12.4"Default"Flash "Rich+4%"
FuelDeviceTarget AFR @6500Logged AFR @6500Logged MAF ScaleAction to take
PetrolTactrix11.5 - 11.711.2 - 11.4"Default"Flash "Lean-2%"
PetrolTactrix11.5 - 11.711.5 - 11.7"Default"Do nothing
PetrolTactrix11.5 - 11.711.8 - 12.0"Default"Flash "Rich+2%"
PetrolTactrix11.5 - 11.712.0 - 12.2"Default"Flash "Rich+4%"


These are by no means hard and fast rules, the only way to be sure is to log, which is why this appears after the previous table.

TransTrendHeaderTrendMAF Scale
6MT6MT generally runs leaner than 6ATEL (or ACE)EL generally runs leaner than UELRich+2%
6MT6MT generally runs leaner than 6ATUEL (or catted)UEL generally runs richer than ELDefault
6AT6AT generally runs richer than 6MTEL (or ACE)EL generally runs leaner than UELDefault
6AT6AT generally runs richer than 6MTUEL (or catted)UEL generally runs richer than ELLean-2%

AFR Examples

Using Tactrix and E85, what's an okay AFR curve look like?

Using Tactrix and E85, what's a slightly lean AFR curve look like?

(An older version, notice the change in di:pi @ 5k rpm ratio causes the LTFT to jump.)

Using Tactrix and petrol, what's an okay AFR curve look like?

Using OFT and petrol, what's an okay AFR curve look like?

Using OFT and petrol, what's a slightly lean AFR curve look like?

(The large bumps are specific to the type/brand/design of headers, combined with valve timing in that area.)

Using OFT and E85, what's a slightly rich AFR curve look like?

Fuel Types

89, 91, 93, 94Fuel AKI Rating
98, 100, 102, 104Fuel RON Rating, based on garbage AU fuel. Those with Euro 98 RON fuel should initially flash 100 RON file.
E0, E5, E10, E85, ExxRefers to the percentage of ethanol contained in the fuel. The higher E%, the more fuel volume required.
E85, E50 - E90, E-flex, etc.E85 generally refers to any fuel where the majority (50% or more) of the volume is ethanol.
FLEX FUELThis is not a fuel, instead it refers to specific ECU logic which determines fuel volume and timing in real time, based on the input from a flex fuel sensor.

Header Codes

Stg1 / StockThe factory exhaust manifold.
Stg2 CattedAn aftermarket EL or UEL header with built-in high flow catalytic converter.
Stg2 UELUnequal Length header without catalytic converter.
Stg2 ELEqual Length header without catalytic converter.
Stg2 ACEAce 4-2-1 long tube header - 250, 350, 400, etc. Please flash one timing level above normal. E.g. flash 100 RON file for 98 RON fuel.

What are the differences between tunes?

Stg1 : Stg2
  • Stg1 has less timing over 6000 rpm where the stock header is restrictive.
  • Stg1 has more dramitic changes in AVCS to fill the torque dip.
  • Stg1 maintains most of the loud catalyst warmup on cold start.
  • EL : UEL
  • EL has more exhaust retard and more intake advance.
  • ACE : EL
  • ACE petrol has zero per cylinder timing compensation.
  • ACE flex base timing starts at 100 RON instead of 98 RON.
  • ACE users are required to choose 1 level of timing above their fuel.
  • Catted : EL, UEL
  • Catted has less exhaust retard similar to UEL and more intake advance similar to EL.
  • E85 : Petrol
  • E85 is around 0.5 AFR leaner at WOT.
  • E85 has increased ignitition advance, with large increases under 4000 rpm and above 6400 rpm.
  • E85 increases injector scaling around 33% and MAF scaling increased a further 7% (an artefact of the openflash tunes made for E10).
  • E85 has higher load limits (due to the increased MAF Scale).
  • E85 has increased cranking pulse widths.
  • E85 uses around 35% more fuel compared to E0 (40% more fuel + 5% leaner), or around 30% more than E10.

  • Stock Calibration Code History

    YearExampleBuild dateDescription
    MY12700C, 700D, 700G, 700IBeginning Jan 2012Start of production
    MY13A00C, A00D, A00G, A00IBeginning Dec 2012Updates to fix the VVT issue (rough idle, check engine light etc)
    MY14B01C, B01D, A01G, A01IBeginning May 2013Fix to resolve failing direct injector seals caused by excessive detonation when changing gear above 5200rpm.
    MY15D00C, D00D, D00G, E00IBeginning May 2014MY15 cars have hardware changes making MY15 roms incompatible with MY12-14 cars.
    MY16F40C, F40D, F20P, F20QBeginning May 2015Minor tuning changes that are superseded by aftermarket tuning anyway.
    MY17K00G, K00IBeginning May 2016(black plastic intake manifold) Security module changes making rom incompatible with MY12-16 cars.
    MY17K00C, K00PBeginning May 2016(red alloy intake manifold) Complete overhaul of tune logic, including full time closed loop fuel control.

    FAQ - Calibration Codes

    Why should I never flash native MY12-MY13 roms?

    Why are MY12-MY13 roms really MY14 roms hacked to appear like MY12-M13?

    Why are MY15-MY16 roms really MY14 roms hacked to appear like MY15-MY16?

    Why can't I flash MY16 roms to my MY12-MY14 car?

    Why aren't all MY12-MY15 roms really MY16 roms hacked to appear like MY12-MY14?

    Which calibration code should I choose for OFT?

    Which calibration code should I choose for Tactrix if I have MY12-MY14?

    Which calibration code should I choose for Tactrix if I have MY15-MY16?

    Which roms are FLEX FUEL tunes based on?


    My Files History

    Jul 2014OTS 1.59Bought OFT.
    Aug 2014OTS 2.0Ported US tunes from OTS 2.0 to EU roms
    Sep 2014OTS 2.0Bought Catted EL headers
    Sep 2014OTS 2.0Bought PSR/Gruppe-S UEL headers
    Sep 2014OTS 2.0Bought Fiebruz Intake Manifold Extenders
    Oct 2014OTS 2.0Began work on Stg2 98RON timing
    Nov 2014OTS 2.0First dyno day. OTS E85 UEL = 125kW, OTS E85 EL = 133kW.
    Dec 2014v6Began work on MAF Scales to fix AFR's
    May 2014v49Supra dyno day. Minimal improvements due to stock load limits.
    Mar 2015I start uploading examples to ft86club.
    Jul 2015v74First dyno day. OTS E85 UEL = 131kW, OTS E85 EL = 140kW.
    Aug 2015v84Began fixing closed loop fuelling.
    Sep 2015I create this guide.
    Oct 2015v87Finalised E85 MAF Scales based on OTS.
    Oct 2015v87Bought Crawford BPB.
    Nov 2015v88Began working on MAF Scales based on stock.
    Dec 2015v93Switched all UEL petrol files to OFH AVCS.
    Jan 2016v97Finalised E0 MAF Scales for stock injector ratios.
    Feb 2016v97Bought ACE 250 headers.
    Apr 2016v100Started consolidating many tables for flex fuel.
    Apr 2016v101Switched all UEL E85 files to OFH AVCS.
    May 2016v103Started smoothing AVCS maps.
    Aug 2016v111Updated some values using MY16 roms as a new reference.
    Sep 2016v112Consolidated E85 and petrol MAF Scales and injector ratios.
    Oct 2016v117Changed injector ratios at WOT to a static value.
    Consolidated many values for 6AT and 6MT.
    Oct 2016v120Started running FLEX FUEL maps on both 6AT and 6MT.
    Oct 2016v121Re-worked all timing tables for new OL and CL fuelling and injector ratios.
    Dec 2016v122Created easy to use, alternate MAF Scales with 2% increments.
    Mar 2017v123Modified 6AT throttle map to fix bogging down after shift.
    Aug 2017v124Created this site with instructions to allow people to get a good result much faster.
    Sep 2017v127-v128Increased idle speeds for most roms.
    Adjusted IAT compensation to recover some power on E85.
    Adjusted open loop fuel maps to smooth AFR curves.
    Adjusted load limits and OL fuel for more power at low rpm, high load, to benefit 6AT launches.
    Added catted headers maps with AVCS from OTS v3.0.
    Added EU MY17 6MT K00G.
    Developed EU MY17 6AT K01I definition.
    Developed AU MY17 6MT K00P definition.
    Ported basic US MY17 6AT K00C roms to AU MY17 K00P.
    Sep 2017v128.2Adjusted open loop fuelling for E85.
    Sep 2017v128.3, v128.4Reverted parts of the 6AT throttle map.
    Oct 2017Updated workflow to generate more files, necessitating filename changes.
    Oct 2017v128.4Further 6AT throttle map tweaks.
    Oct 2017v129Adjusted Stg1 timing @ 3600rpm.
    Apr 2018v131Added launch control to K00G (EUDM MY17 6MT).
    Cal-hacked K00G (EUDM MY17 6MT) to K00C (USDM MY17), K00P (AUDM MY17), N00P (AUDM MY18), N10C (USDM MY18).
    Cal-hacked K01I (EUDM MY17 6AT) to K00D (USDM MY17).
    Updated MY17 and MY18 red manifold roms (K00C, K00P, N00P, N10C) with OTS 4.0 tunes.
    Discarded native K00C, K00D and K00P roms and definitions for compatibility with Openflash V4.
    (Native K00x roms and defs remain available to download in the stock roms zip.)
    Apr 2018v132Adjusted open loop fuelling for E85.
    Re-generated all USDM MY12-MY16 roms from A01G/I instead of B01C/D, for compatibility with Openflash V4.
    Jun 2018v140-v141Restored stock AVCS at low rpm and low load for fuel efficiency and drivability.
    AVCS below 2600rpm and 0.85g/rev are stock values, plus overlap smoothing and some tweaks for 6AT shifting.
    AVCS above 2600rpm and 0.85g/rev remains header specific as before.
    Tweaked timing at 2400rpm and 2800rpm at highway speeds / medium load.
    Oct 2018v143Restored stock 100% DI for more jam between 2500-5000rpm at WOT.
    Re-mapped injector ratios and closed loop control for faster fuel trim learning compared to stock.
    Valve cleaning via port injectors is very slightly more than stock.

    Openflash Release History

    Sep 2013OTS v1.2Created Stg1
    Oct 2013OTS v1.31Added Stg2 93 AKI
    Nov 2013OTS v1.34Added Stg2 EL E85
    Added soft rev limit to 6MT
    Dec 2013OTS v1.4Added Stg2 UEL E85
    Jan 2014OTS v1.5Revised Stg2
    Jul 2014OTS v2.0Revised Stg1
    Added Stg2 91 AKI (93 AKI timing minus 1 deg over 6k rpm)
    Raised load limits from stock values - low RPM WOT now too rich instead of too lean.
    Dec 2015OFH v1.0Revised Stg2 UEL AVCS (very good for all UEL) combined with extremely optimistic ignition timing.
    May 2017OTS v3.0Stg1 unchanged
    Stg2 EL is discarded.
    Stg2 re-tuned with mild AVCS for catted UEL.
    OFH tune is now Stg2+, minus the dyno hero ignition advance.
    Added basic US MY17 6MT K00C support.
    Apr 2018OTS v4.0MY12-MY16 tunes are identical to OTS 3.0.
    All MY12-MY16 USDM roms are now cal-hacked A01G/I (EUDM) roms.
    MY17 tunes updated.
    K00C (USDM) and K00P (AUDM) are now K00G (EUDM) with launch control. K00D (USDM) and K01S (AUDM) are now K01I (EUDM).

    FLEX FUEL History

    Jan 2016ztan finalises flex fuel in A01G (EU 6MT).
    Jul 2016I port ztan's code to A01I (EU 6AT) and send to Shiv to test.
    Oct 2016Sick of waiting, I bought a spare ECU and successfully flash flex fuel code to 6AT.

    Tuning changes compared to stock/openflash


    Primary Open Loop FuellingHeavily modified and smoothed openflash tables.
    Closed Loop Fuelling TargetsModified to reflect open loop fuelling, to prevent knock around crossover.
    Injector Ratios (DI:PI)Modified to use a static ratio at WOT, making AFR curves more predictable.
    Load LimitsDistinct load limits for Stg1/Stg2/E85, fixes AFR too lean at low rpm (lose power) and too lean at high rpm (unpredictable).
    MAF ScalesAll files use the same scale for consistency, with variations only for the open loop portion.
    MAF IAT CompensationSmoothed table thanks to ztan.
    Front Oxygen Sensor ScalingUpdated thanks to ztan.
    Throttle tip-in enrichmentOpenflash values.
    Direct Injector TimingOpenflash values.
    Throttle Angle During OverrunUpdated values for early model years.

    Ignition Timing

    Base Timing B + KCA Max ASmoothed total timing maps for 98 RON, 91AKI, 93AKI, E85, particularly in lumpy problem areas.
    Timing IAT CompensationCustom values tuned values.
    Knock CorrectionOpenflash values.

    Valve Timing

    AVCSSmoothed openflash tables at low rpm and low load for smoother shifting.


    Idle Speed TargetsCustom values for stable idle.
    Rev LimitSoft rev limits for both 6AT and 6MT, instead of fuel cut.
    Radiator FansFans now run when the car comes to a stop and coolant temp starts to rise, instead of after boiling.
    P0420 (missing cat converter)Disabled on all roms.
    (Stg2) Cold startCustom values for lower rpm and less bark.
    (E85) Cranking pulse widthsCustom values for reliable starting.
    (E85) Dash display fuel usageUpdated thanks to ztan.
    (6AT) Throttle Map
  • Reduced requested torque from idle E85/FLEX tunes only.
  • Smoothed 2800-2200rpm shifts on EL/ACE headers in auto mode.
  • (6MT) Launch controlFuel cut implementation provided by TDD, set at 5000 rpm for sticky tyres and because it can cause ECU to pull timing.
    FLEX FUELCustom logic to non-linearly scale timing, fuel, cranking, etc. based on E%, thanks to ztan. Ported from 6MT to 6AT by myself.

    RomRaider Config

    RomRaider is used for editing. It is not required for flashing.

    Definition prefixes

    RR_RomRaider definitions for stock roms (no additional injected code).
    OFT_For use with roms containing launch control code.
    FLEX_For use with roms containing additional flex fuel code.

    Add definition files using the definition manager.

    Defintions are prioritised from first to last.

    Set Debug Level

    Compare ROMS

    Selecting any table in the list will compare the table from the first rom to that of the second.

    Example - OTS Stg1 total timing compared to stock MY12-16 total timing:

    FAQ - Adjusting Fuel

    What AFR (air:fuel ratio) should I be targeting?

    Which MAF Scale do I flash?

    What do I do after flashing?

    What is the difference between the petrol tunes (89AKI, 91AKI, 93AKI, 98RON, 100RON, 102RON)?

    Why different MAF Scales for the same hardware setups?

    What will happen when I flash one of the alternate files?

    How does the ECU learn fuel trims?

    Therefore, what kind of driving is best for ECU fuel trim learning?

    Therefore, what kind of driving is worst for ECU fuel trim learning?

    Why different AFR targets for OFT and Tactrix?

    Do the petrol and E85 tunes disable fuel trimming (LTFT)?

    Do the flex fuel tunes disable fuel trimming (LTFT)?

    Do I need my AFR to match the Commanded AFR?

    Do I need to do custom MAF Scaling or use a MAF Scaling tool?

    Will you perform changes or help me make changes for pops, bangs or flames during overrun?

    Do I need my LTFT (long term fuel trim) to be within X% of 0?

    Can I disable LTFT in open loop?

    Why shouldn't I attempt custom MAF Scaling or use a MAF Scaling tool?

    FAQ - Adjusting Timing

    Why is this section after the fuel/maf section?

    How do I adjust the timing?

    When should I reduce values in Base Timing B table?

    Will I see knock on E85 tunes?

    Should I add timing to E85 tunes?

    Dyno Comparisons

    All graphs from the same dyno, same day (2015-07-18), same 20C intake air temp.

    These are very old roms with original injector ratios, however still indicative.

    6MT, E85, EL

    OFT OTS 2.x - Stg2 EL E85 A00G
    Wayne - Stg2 EL E85 v74 Rich A00G - same car
    Local Expert Tuner - $300 Canned tune

    6MT, E85, UEL

    Wayne - Stg2 UEL E85 v74 Rich A01G
    Local Expert Tuner - $1000 Custom Dyno tune

    6AT, E85, UEL

    OFT OTS 2.x - Stg2 UEL E85 A01I - log
    Wayne - Stg2 UEL E85 v74 Lean A01I - same car - log
    Local Expert Tuner - $1000 Custom Dyno tune A01I

    6MT, E8,5 Catted EL

    Local Expert Tuner - $300 Canned tune

    6MT, 98RON, EL with BPB

    Wayne - Stg2 EL 98 v74 Rich A00G
    Local Expert Tuner - $300 Canned tune

    6MT, 98RON, EL

    Local Expert Tuner - $1000 Custom Dyno tune

    6MT, 98RON, Catted EL

    Wayne - Stg2 EL 98 v74 Rich 700G

    6MT, 98RON, UEL

    Local Expert Tuner - $300 Canned tune

    Flex Fuel

    What's involved in setting up flex fuel?

    Each vendor has their own instructions, videos, etc.

    On the RHD Moto East kit you can mount the sensor in such a way as to not bend any of the lines.
    DO NOT attempt to mount the sensor over near the brake lines or strut tower, where you need to bend the fuel lines back on themselves.

    With my files, you should attach the sensor to the DIRECT INJECTOR line as the car uses 100% DI at idle as per stock.

    Cut a hole/slot in the firewall grommet above the engine loom for the sensor to ECA loom.

    The most difficult part of the install is getting at the ECU, particularly for RHD where there is an extra control module in the way.

    You can either remove the EVAP pin from the ECU plug and re-pin it, or Moto East sells a harness which goes between the ECU loom and the ECU.

    Moto East provide a piggyback for the fuse box to provide power to the Ethanol Content Analyzer, mounted behind the dash in front of the drivers knees.

    The gauge tells you if the ECA has power and is outputting a signal. It won't tell you if the signal is reaching the ECU, you need to log for that.


    6ATSix speed Automatic Transmission
    6MTSix speed Manual Transmission
    ACEACE cat-less 4-2-1 header
    AFR"Air:Fuel Ratio"
    AU, AUDMAustralian Domestic Market, including New Zealand
    AVCS"Active Valve Control System" - a hydraulic system that controls the intake and exhaust valve timing independently (and thus overlap). Duration is static.
    CalibrationThe word the factory use to differentiate software for different combinations of transmission, market (including emissions), and revision.
    CAT"Catted" header
    Closed LoopThe ECU will adjust fuel in real time based in feedback from one or both O2 sensors. The real time adjustment is stored in STFT as a percentage.
    DI"Direct Injection" - Injectors located in the combustion chamber alongside the spark plugs
    DynoChassis Dynamometer - measures torque at the wheels.
    ECA"Ethanol Content Analyser"
    ECU"Engine Control Unit"
    EL"Equal Length" cat-less header
    EU, EUDMEuropean Domestic Market, including Great Britton
    FAQ"Frequently Asked Questions"
    FBKC"Feedback Knock Control"
    FLEXFlex Fuel
    FLKC"Fine Learning Knock Control"
    Front O2 (sensor)Wideband sensor used for fuel trimming and logging.
    IAM"Ignition Advance Multiplier"
    IAT"Intake Air Temperature"
    LHD"Left Hand Drive"
    LTFT"Long Term Fuel Trim" (applicable in open loop and closed loop)
    MAF"Mass Air Flow" (sensor, also measures IAT)
    MAFV"MAF Voltage" - MAF Sensor output in volts
    MAP"Manifold Air Pressure" (sensor)
    O2 (sensor)Oxygen (sensor)
    Open LoopThe ECU ignores O2 sensor input and calculates fuel based on MAFV and Primary Open Loop Fuel table.
    OTS"Off The Shelf"
    PI"Port Injection" - Injectors located in the intake manifold
    Rear O2 (sensor)Narrowband sensor used for fuel trimming when targeting 14.7 AFR
    RHD"Right Hand Drive"
    RPM"Revolutions Per Minute"
    RR"RomRaider" - used for editing.
    STFT"Short Term Fuel Trim" (applicable in closed loop only)
    TCU"Transmission Control Unit"
    UEL"Un-Equal Length" cat-less header
    US, USDMUnited States Domestic Market, including Canada
    WOT"Wide Open Throttle"